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Congratulations! You Purchased a New Home. When Do You Get the Keys?
When Do You Get Keys After Closing | Real Estate Attorney Jupiter, FL

When you purchase a home, getting the keys symbolizes a successful purchase and makes owning the home become real. You can finally unlock the doors, enter your home, decorate, and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Buying a home is a long, complicated, and at times, frustrating process. The searching, lending, underwriting, inspection, and closing can be overwhelming for even experienced homebuyers, but it is all worth it in the end when you finally get those keys.

The Closing

Reaching the closing is an exciting time. The closing is the culmination of the homebuying process, it is when the title to the home is transferred from a seller to a buyer. A closing is much more than simply signing on the dotted line. The closing does not happen in a vacuum. It is the result of a time consuming process of ascertaining the quality of the title, curing any title issues, as well as removing or avoiding any liens that may result from utilities or property owner’s associations. All of the closing process steps must be concluded and all closing documents fully executed before the seller’s agent can hand over the keys to the buyer.

Steps in Closing a Real Estate Deal

The steps of a closing depend on the sales contract, but most require complete funding of the purchase, a final walk-through and signed legal documents. Money is then distributed, and the deed to the property is ready for recording. When these things are completed, the buyers can get their keys to their new home.

  • Inspection or Walk-Through – Homebuyers have looked over the house they are interested in over and over. However, a closing inspection is still essential to confirm that there are no damages since the previous inspection and, if there were, that the seller repaired them. It is essential to inspect all of the appliances and electrical circuits..
  • Legal Documents -It is essential to carefully review all legal documents with your real estate attorney before signing on the dotted line. Take time to review the terms of the loan. Confirm the interest rate and other loan terms are accurate. An estimate of closing costs will be disclosed early in the process. If there are any discrepancies with the final terms, have your attorney dispute any unexpected fees.
  1. The deed which transfers ownership of the property.
  2. Title insurance policy and disclosure of any exceptions to the title insurance.
  3. Tax Documents.
  4. The Bill of Sale.
  5. The Closing Statement.

Transfer of Money

The sale and purchasing a home inevitably requires the transfer of funds. The closing will not be concluded until the mortgage lender provides the funding required under the mortgage. Funding will occur when all of the lender’s conditions are met and the lender wires the loan proceeds to the closing agent.

The Recording of the Deed

Delivery of the deed to the buyer is the final step before the buyer receives the keys to their new home. The deed is recorded after the closing at the recording office in the county that the house is located. This step makes the buyer the official homeowner.

When Will the Buyer Receive the Keys to Their New Home?

Most buyers will receive their keys to their new home on the closing day if the deed is delivered to the buyer and ready for recording and funding is complete. Some buyers and sellers make alternate arrangements to deliver the keys. Once the new homeowner gets the keys, they can begin moving in.

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