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South Florida HOA and Condominium Association Issues and Disputes

homeowners-association-laywer-sm-dreamstime_s_23389947As part of our real estate services, The Law Office of Richard S. Weinstein, P.A. offers comprehensive legal representation regarding homeowners’ associations (HOA) and Condominium Association issues in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas. Many of the residential housing units in this area are represented through such associations. The rules and regulations of an association can be complex and difficult to understand; therefore, disputes regarding HOA and Condominium issues are common. When these issues cause disputes among members or between the board and a member, the intervention of an experienced real estate attorney may be required to resolve the matter.

When Palm Beach County HOA or Condominium Association issues arise, you need a Jupiter attorney who understands Florida governing laws on your side as you battle the association over these disputes. Contact The Law Office of Richard S. Weinstein, P.A. by telephone at 561-745-3040 or online to discuss your HOA issues.

Abiding by HOA Rules and Regulations

When you purchase a home in a community that is governed by the rules and regulations of a homeowners’ association, you agree to be bound by those same rules and regulations even though your home is a private residence. This is the case whether you purchase a home or condominium from another person or you purchase a newly built property from the developer or builder. While you have the right to privacy and the right to control what takes place on your property, you are legally bound to the rules and regulations of the association, if one exists.

In many cases, it is the developer who has set up the HOA and established the rules and regulations governing the community. Whether you purchase a new home or a resale, it is important that you discuss HOA issues with your attorney and obtain a complete copies of the association rules, regulations and financial documents during the contract review process, so that you understand the rights and obligations you will be assuming as a homeowner in the community.

Legal Action Involving HOA Issues

Richard Weinstein has experience handling HOA issues in Palm Beach County and the throughout the surrounding areas. When you are faced with HOA litigation, you need an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to reach a fast, cost-effective solution through mediation and negotiation with your HOA, the HOA board, and the HOA legal counsel. However, you also need an attorney with years of litigation and trial experience in the event your Palm Beach County HOA issues cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom. Richard Weinstein is that attorney.

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