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What a Real Estate Attorney Does For Buyers and Sellers
Real Estate Attorney

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do for Buyers?

A real estate attorney helps real estate transactions go smoothly. By advising potential homeowners on their prospective searches for properties, helping them deal with real estate agents and brokers, negotiating contracts, reviewing purchase agreements, overseeing their interests in receiving good and marketable title and attending their closing until the deed is transferred, they help minimize any risks that may occur during the home-buying process. 

Basic real estate transactions do not require a real estate attorney in most states, however it is helpful and provides peace of mind to the buyer. In some situations, there is a greater need for attorney representation:

  • You are new to the area;
  • You are purchasing a property with physical damage;
  • There is an illegal dwelling on the property;
  • The bank owns the land;
  • The land is prone to floods or hurricanes;
  • There are existing tenants who need to be evicted;
  • There is a title defect which needs to be addressed;
  • You need to cancel a contract.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do for Sellers?

If you are a seller, you will want to hire a real estate attorney in these situations to deal with specific issues, such as:

  • The land you are selling is owned by a deceased person;
  • There is structural damage on the property;
  • There are liens on the property which need to be cleared
  • The assets need to be split due to divorce or co-ownership;
  • There are survey issues, such as easements and encroachments;
  • There is a short sale or foreclosure.

Richard S. Weinstein

Richard S. Weinstein is an experienced real estate attorney and title agent who can help you with all of your real estate transactions. Having legal representation makes good real estate business sense. A competent and experienced attorney will protect your interests. 

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With over 50 years of experience as an attorney, Richard S. Weinstein assists clients with the important financial situations in their lives. Whether you are dealing with bankruptcy, real estate (both commercial and residential, including short sales, foreclosures, and title insurance), estate planning, probate, business formations, or sales or mergers, Richard S. Weinstein is the attorney with the education, experience, and knowledge you need! Call us at (561) 745-3040 or visit his website at


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