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5 Tips For Marketing Your Home To the Millennial Generation
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You have a home to sell and you really just want to sell it at the best price. Millennials are also known as Generation Y, men and women in the their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. They are not buying homes as previous generations did.

Many Millennials lead busy lives, moving frequently for their job, and do not see much value in owning a home. Here are some tips on including the Millennial Generation, a generation with significant spending power to your marketing plan.

   1. Take Your Marketing Online

82% of Millennials use Facebook and other social media. Millennials are tech-savvy and are searching for everything online, including real estate. Marketing online gets your property listing out to as many people as possible. Posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook gives Millennials the opportunity to view your listing, which they otherwise may not be aware of.

High-quality photos with modern conveniences will pique the Millennial’s interest. Just be sure to have your mobile device ready for business. Millennials are online often and expect quick replies or their interest will fade quickly. Be prompt, informed and cheerful for the best results

   2.   Accentuate the Space

Millennials enjoy big spaces where their friends can gather. They are social people with many friends. They appreciate a large kitchen for hosting dinner parties and a large living room to accommodate large groups of friends or networking groups.

      3.   Highlight the Amenities

Millennials enjoy convenience and fun. Highlighting amenities like a pool, rooftop, high-tech washer and dryer will be helpful in getting their attention.

    4.  Location, Location, Location

Millennials will be drawn to a residence close to their work and will appreciate their home being close to their favorite restaurants and cultural events. Sports arenas, concert venues, and bars are other popular places Millennials enjoy frequenting with friends.

     5.  Be a Resource

Providing helpful and prompt information to the Millennial crowd will be well received. Trash days, schools zones, proximity to highway access, and reassurance that the area is safe will be information the Millennial Generation will be happy to learn.

Lacking patience and a high attention span, Millennials are known as the instant gratification generation. Millennials are accustomed to having their needs and concerns met immediately. If you can respond quickly to their queries, you may have a new buyer for your home.

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