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Jupiter Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

1-chapter-7-bankruptcy-attorney-sm-dreamstime_s_66160499Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “straight” bankruptcy or a “liquidation” bankruptcy. It is the type of bankruptcy most people fear because it is associated with losing property. When we mention a Jupiter Chapter 7 case, some people immediately worry they will “lose everything” because they have heard horror stories from friends or family about their bankruptcy experience or they hear about a friend of a friend who lost everything after filing a Jupiter Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The truth is that most Jupiter Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, and most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed throughout Florida, are ruled no asset cases by the bankruptcy trustee. A no asset case means you eliminate most, if not all, of your debts AND you keep all of your property. As an experienced Jupiter bankruptcy attorney, we understand how to use bankruptcy exemptions to protect your property while stopping your creditors from taking any further action to collect debts. You get a fresh start without losing any of your property.

Other Facts About a Jupiter Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

  • How long does a Chapter 7 case take to complete? Most no asset Chapter 7 cases are discharged and closed within three months after filing barring anything unforeseen.
  • Will the Chapter 7 trustee come to my home? The trustee has the authority to examine your property or appoint a representative to examine your property; however, this is highly unlikely in a no asset case.
  • Can I discharge taxes or student loans in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Most taxes and student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy but there are exceptions. We can discuss this during your free bankruptcy consultation to see if you meet one of the exceptions.
  • What types of debt can I discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? In most cases, you can discharge all unsecured debt including credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday advance loans, and unsecured personal finance loans.
  • Can I get rid of my car payment? If you decide to surrender your car, the lender cannot try to collect any further funds from you even if the car sells for less than is owed on the loan.

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We want to help you get the relief you need from debts you cannot afford to pay. I know that you have questions about Chapter 7 cases and bankruptcy in general. You can get all of the answers to your questions by scheduling a free bankruptcy consultation. Call our office at561-745-3040 or contact The Law Office of Richard S. Weinstein, P.A. online today.


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