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Business Formation – Types of Business Entities

7-business-formation-attorney-sm-dreamstime_s_38453931Starting a business is an exciting venture; however, you must begin your business on sound footing if you want to be successful and profitable. One of the first steps you need to take when beginning a business is deciding what type of business entity meets your needs. This key step in the business formation process will impact almost every other step you take when creating, opening, and operating your business.

Types of Florida Business Entities

As part of the business formation process, you will need to choose a business entity, draft and execute the documents to form the business entity, and file the required forms and documents with the state and/or federal government agencies to form the business. In consultation with your accountant, Richard Weinstein helps you choose the business entity that works best for you and meets your needs. He drafts all of the required documents and files those documents as required by state and/or federal law.

Types of business entities you may choose to use for your business formation include:

  •  Sole proprietorships
  •  Corporations including C Corporations and S Corporations
  •  General Partnerships
  •  Limited Partnerships
  •  Limited Liability Partnerships
  •  Limited Liability Companies

Each business entity has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific type of business, your needs, and your circumstances. Deciding which business entity meets your needs is a fundamental part of the business formation process because the business entity will have a substantial impact on the structure and operation of your business. Once you decide on the type of business entity is best for your situation, we can assist with drafting the necessary documents for the business formation including operating agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements, and employment contracts.

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After you have completed the business formation process, our staff is here to help you whenever you need legal advice regarding business matters including financial transactions, employment matters, business litigation, and other situations you may encounter while operating a successful and profitable business.


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