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Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney When You Are Buying a Home
Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorneys

A real estate attorney specializes in the legal aspects of buying and selling real estate properties. Lawyers can assist in many transactions associated with the transfer of property ownership.

The extra money it costs to hire a real estate attorney is often money well spent. Having a real estate attorney either review or supervise the transaction may help avoid any costly legal problems down the road.

Contract Writing Assistance

Hire a real estate attorney to review a contract and ensure all aspects adhere to law and custom and is responsive to your needs. An experienced attorney will discuss the legal terms and consequences of the contract that is beyond the expertise of a real estate agent. 

Addressing Liens

Richard S. Weinstein works alongside Florida National Title to perform a title search ensuring the property being sold is free of any liens, quickly and efficiently. A complete title search the essential starting point in determining if the seller has the legal right to sell a property free and clear of any encumbrances. 

If a title search reveals there is an existing lien or other impediments, Richard S. Weinstein has the knowledge and experience to follow whatever procedures may be necessary to render the title marketable.

Real Estate Deeds

Whether the transaction be for a home or for a commercial property, having an attorney in your corner from the outset can avoid problems and needless expense as the transaction proceeds.

The Bottom Line

It is up to you whether or not to retain a real estate attorney, but it can only be to your advantage to have your interests competently represented. 

Finally, an attorney reduces the risk of failing to file necessary or appropriate documents, giving you greater comfort and peace of mind..

Richard S. Weinstein

Richard S. Weinstein is an experienced real estate attorney who can help you with all of your real estate transactions. Having legal representation makes good real estate business sense. A competent and experienced attorney will protect your interests.

Real Estate Attorney Jupiter

With over 50 years of experience as an attorney, Richard S. Weinstein assists clients with the important financial situations in their lives. Whether you are dealing with bankruptcy, real estate (both commercial and residential, including short sales, foreclosures, and title insurance), estate planning, probate, business formations, or sales or mergers, Richard S. Weinstein is the attorney with the education, experience, and knowledge you need! Call us at 561-745-3040 or visit his website at


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