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Richard S. Weinstein: A Real Estate Attorney You Can Trust

Richard S. Weinstein: A Real Estate Attorney You Can Trust

Purchasing a home is stressful. Choosing a real estate attorney is an important step in the process. You have choices when deciding on a real estate attorney, so it is essential that you know the factors to consider and learn what makes Richard S. Weinstein the best choice.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a real estate attorney you will feel confident working with:

  • A real estate attorney with the ability to meet critical deadlines. When you have a scheduled closing, you want to be assured the company is professional, experienced and diligent in pursuing all phases of the title process. Richard S. Weinstein has a reputation for ensuring your closing is following all legal guidelines.
  • When you are choosing a company or product, customer satisfaction is vital to consider. Googling a company’s name and perusing its website can provide a glimpse into other’s experiences. Past customers and real estate agents can offer testimonials for the title agencies with whom they have had positive experiences. Richard S. Weinstein has a positive reputation that will put your mind at ease.
  • When you have a question or a concern, you expect a quick answer or response. Richard S. Weinstein boasts knowledgeable, professional agents trained to communicate quickly via email, text or phone calls. He has the resources you want, expect and can rely on.
  • Experience is priceless. Richard S. Weinstein has years of experience searching titles and performing all the steps assuring the buyer of good, marketable title to their new home. We know what to do when a problem arises and how to resolve it. We pride ourselves on being prompt, speedy, communicative, and accurate.

The Title/Closing Process

It is prudent to allow 30-45 days to close on your purchase. In many instances, it may occur sooner. Below is a timeline to make this stressful and exciting process goes more smoothly.

  • The sellers review your offer and can counter-offer.
  • Your offer is accepted – now you have a contract.
  • Congratulations! Your contract will include the purchase price, mortgage approval time requirements, inspection periods, closing date, and other time requirements and deadlines your agent can explain to you.
  • The Home Inspection is optional but highly recommended. The home inspection process focuses on the structural integrity of the property, including electricity, plumbing, air conditioning as well as appliances, water heater and similar items. The contract will determine each party’s rights and responsibilities In the event the repairs are required.
  • The buyer must make timely application for a mortgage loan with the assistance of a loan officer. In support of your application you must complete the necessary paperwork and gather the required supporting documents.
  • The mortgage company will require an appraisal of the home to ensure it is being sold for its fair value. The mortgage company will determine if the loan is acceptable upon review of the appraisal and all supporting documentation.
  • The home’s title will be searched to ensure if free of any liens or other issues.
  • Following loan approval the closing can proceed according to the contract. Following closing a title insurance policy will be issued to protect you from financial loss in the event of a problem with your title.
  • In addition to performing all of the Florida real estate services of a title company, as attorneys, we can provide you with legal advice regarding matters that may arise during a real estate transaction. A title company cannot offer legal advice nor take legal action to correct a title defect or other problem.

Richard S. Weinstein is a trusted name in real estate and closing services. He will ‘insure’ peace of mind.

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With over 50 years experience as an attorney, Richard S. Weinstein assists clients with the important financial situations in their lives. Whether you are dealing with bankruptcy, real estate (both commercial and residential, including short sales, foreclosures, and title insurance), estate planning, probate, business formations, or sales or mergers, Richard S. Weinstein is the attorney with the education, experience, and knowledge you need!  Call us at (561) 745-3040 or visit his website at


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