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South Florida Real Estate: What You Need To Know Before Buying a Home
South Florida Real Estate

Are you looking for homes from Martin County to Miami? South Florida is an amazing place to live. There are numerous properties for every lifestyle and budget. Whether you want a single-family home, condo, townhouse, or luxury property, the South Florida real estate market has you covered. This guide will help you know what to expect before purchasing a home in South Florida.

South Florida homes are not cheap. The median home sales price in 2019 was $350,000 in Miami-Dade County and $345,000 in Palm Beach County. Choosing a county and neighborhood will undoubtedly change what you may pay. Speak with friends and acquaintances who reside in South Florida to get their sense of the various neighborhoods, their flavor and the amenities they offer. Tour the various communities that would seem to be a good fit; making sure you can afford the properties you choose to visit.

8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a House in South Florida:

    1. Homeowners Insurance is Expensive – Many major insurance companies will not write homeowners insurance in coastal areas of South Florida because of the frequency and damage caused by hurricanes. Most coastal  residents need to find insurance with a smaller company, and their policies usually carry high windstorm deductibles. Lenders for properties in flood zones will also require flood insurance.
    2. Property Taxes do Not Remain the Same With Different Owners Florida’s homestead exemption, available to Florida permanent residents, provides an annual 3% cap on the assessed value of a permanent home. The assessed value readjusts to market price after the sale of a property, but there may also be beneficial adjustments to the reassessed value if the sale is to a homeowner acquiring a replacement homestead property.
    3. Title Insurance – Depending on the customs of the county where the property is located, either the buyer or the seller pays for and chooses the title company for their closing. Richard Weinstein is affiliated with Florida National Title Services, a long established premier title agency.
    4. Commuting Times – Choose a home that makes your commute to work each day bearable. Consider driving times will be different on weekdays and weekends. 
    5. School Districts – Families should know which schools they are zoned for on the school district’s website. In Florida, each county is a school district, but all schools are not equal. Families can also look into charter and private schools.
    6. Homeowners AssociationsMany suburban neighborhoods have homeowners or condominium associations. There is an extra cost associated with living in these communities, which vary from area to area and association to association. Associations protect property values and offer shared amenities, such as pools and gyms, but often come with a litany of rules. It is vital to research the association before deciding to buy a home in such a community..
    7. HurricanesHurricanes are a real concern in Florida. The hurricane season lasts from March through November. Floridians are conscious about protecting their homes. Impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters are common and often entitle the owner to a discount on their homeowners insurance. Coastal residents are often encouraged to evacuate their homes when a hurricane approaches.
    8. Swimming Pools A swimming pool can be a wonderful convenience when Florida’s heat and humidity.require some relief. Pools do need maintenance and costs money to clean and heat. A pool is very costly to add and does not add value to a home. If a homebuyer knows they will use a pool, it is a smart idea to find a home with a pool already built. 

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