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10 Tips to Help You to Prepare for a Move With Kids
Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids

Moving with kids, especially little kids, is never easy, but there are times that a move is necessary due to a lifestyle change or a new job.  

  1. Pack the toys last, but pack everything else while the little ones are asleep. 
  2. Do not be too shy to ask for help with your children, so you can focus and adequately pack up your house.
  3. Label your boxes with color-coded duct tape, so you will know which box will go where when you get to your new home. Blue tape for the kitchen, red tape for the master bedroom, etc.
  4. Begin packing as soon as you know you are moving. Packing with kids can take twice as long.
  5. Donate or sell items you do not want. Avoid letting your children see what is being donated or sold, because it may be the one thing that they are not willing to part with after all. 
  6. Post items on Facebook, Craigslist, and on local mom’s groups. Selling these items can get you some fast cash for things you do not want.
  7. Pack a suitcase for each family member, so everyone can have their favorite things at their disposal and feel more at home when everything else is still in boxes. It will help make each person feel a little more at home. 
  8. Plan an exciting prize for each child. A new toy or stuffed animal can help each child feel special and less anxious about what they left behind. 
  9. Allow everyone to say goodbye to their old house. Children might wave to each room and say goodbye or tell something special they will remember about it. 
  10. Moving is stressful, psychologically disorienting, and emotionally exhausting. Allow you and your family members a full year to immerse into your new home and neighborhood. Allow yourselves time to find all your boxed items, to find a favorite grocery store, and to make the new house a home.

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